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Tournament Info for Coaches


Welcome to Kick or Treat 2023
October 21(boys)
October 22 (girls) 



The Soccer Stuff

Here are the key details you need to know about the soccer part of the festival.

1.         MANDATORY TEAM CHECK-IN.  All teams from clubs within a one hour drive of Cherry Hill are required to check in on Thursday October 19, 2023 at the Archer and Greiner building 1025 Laurel Oak Rd, Voorhees Township, NJ 08043 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

We will check player passes for all players including guest players (limit of three guest players per team).  You will need to submit a copy of your team roster.  Please add guest player info on the copy of the roster you will be turning in.
Out-of-state teams must have permission to travel form if your state requires it.    

Teams from clubs located further than one hour’s drive from Cherry Hill may check in via email. 
Boys email to [email protected]   
Girls email to [email protected]
Please include Gender, Age group, club name and team name in the subject line of the email.  for example Boys U8 Cherry Hill SC Union 2016
Attach all player passes in one document and your team roster (with guest players written in) in a separate document.

2.         GAMES.  All U9 thru U12 teams are guaranteed three games in one day, U8s will play two games.  Each U9 thru U12 game will have twenty five (25) minute halves and a 5 minute halftime, U8s will play twenty (20) minute halves.  South Jersey boys and girls rules apply.  The full set of rules is available on the tournament website.  You will need to bring your player passes, medical release forms and rosters with you to the games, but you will not need to show them to the referee unless there is a challenge raised or card issued.
Please arrive at least 30-45 minutes before your scheduled game time.  Referees will start the clock at game time, no exceptions. Notify your parents that it will take time to park and navigate to the game field, so make sure they arrive early!  

3.         AWARDS.  We will award trophies to the first place teams in each U9 thru U12 bracket and medals to the second place teams.  U8 teams will receive participation gifts.  The complete scoring rules are available on the tournament website; please take special note that points can be deducted for mercy rule violation, yellow cards and red cards.  All awards will be presented on the tournament stage and a microphone will be available for the coach’s use.

4.         PATCH EXCHANGE.  This is a patch exchange tournament and we encourage all teams to participate. 

5.         SPORTSMANSHIP.  We know -- you usually skip this part, but don’t this time.  Here are the basics.  South Jersey mercy rule applies (no goal differential > 6 goals). 

6.         BRACKETS.  We will do our best to make the brackets competitive.  That means you may move up or down an age bracket if it makes sense to make the games competitive.  If something looks wrong, let us know early on and we will see what we can do.

7.         SCHEDULE RELEASE.  We all hate waiting for tournament schedules to come out.  Ours will be posted at the earliest possible moment we have it finalized. 

8.         WEARING COSTUMES AS YOUR UNIFORMSWe receive a lot of questions about this.  Your team is PERMITTED BUT NOT REQUIRED to dress in costume and wear the costume during your games.  If you want to do so, you have to follow a few rules.  Simply put, all costumes/uniforms worn during the games have to be soccer safe.  Shin guards, socks and cleats are required as always.  The costumes need to be the same style and dominant color (i.e., you can’t have every kid dress as a different color M&M or different Avengers, even if that would be cool) and the players must have a number on the costume or wear their team jersey under the costume for player identification purposes.  All players on the team must do the same ... either all numbers on costume or all wear jerseys underneath. Just like you would in a regular league game, you can’t wear the headpieces (except standard head gear), masks, capes, adornment, metal buttons or zippers, etc. during the tournament games.  If you think it might be unsafe, it is probably unsafe.  Be creative and join in the spirit of the event (see contest details below).  If you want to wear your regular team uniforms, go for it (we won’t judge you).

9.       WEATHER.  The good news is that we have requested no rain for the event, just gloomy, dreary Halloween weather.  If it does rain, we will play unless the conditions become unsafe or wickedly not fun anymore (for the players, not the spectators).

10.       REFEREES.  All U8 thru U12 games will be played with a single referee and teams are required to supply a linesman for each game.  If we hear coaches or spectators complaining about calls, you will hear from us. 


The Halloween Stuff

We anticipate that you will want to stay on site between games to take in all of the cool Halloween stuff we have put together.  Please review these details carefully as some things require advance work by your teams.  Unless noted, all of the events will take place in the Activity Zone.


1.         SOCCER POST TEAM PUMPKIN DESIGN CONTEST.   To compete (and we strongly encourage every team to do so), you must decorate your pumpkin in advance and bring it completed to the pumpkin display check-in near the stage and scoring tent in the Activity Zone when you arrive on game day.  Sorry, no pumpkins will be available to decorate at the event.  All team pumpkins will be put on display and there will be one contest each day (one for boys and one for girls).  


           A.        Best Design Voting.  We will be asking some of the world’s most famous pumpkin design experts (and if they are not available, we will ask some other folks) to select each day’s top pumpkin design.  The winning team each day will receive a prize.


            B.        Rules.  The pumpkin must be made by team members; parents can help but should let the kids have the fun.  The pumpkin can be carved or not – we don’t care.  We do care, however, if you buy a designed pumpkin and try to pass it off as your own.  That would be cheating and will result in a spell being cast on your goalkeeper’s gloves making them slippery as ice.  The pumpkin can be any size, but remember that you have to carry it there and bring it home when you are done, so you might not want to buy the Great Pumpkin.


2.         TEAM COSTUME CONTEST AND PHOTOS.  Although your game costumes have to be coordinated and safe, anything goes
             here – masks, capes, props, you name it (except pyro, definitely no pyro).  Our crack staff of world-renowned costume experts (or lesser known amateurs
             if the pros do not show up) will determine which team brought the coolest costume design and the winner each day will receive a prize. It is free to enter
             the contest, just bring your team to the DJ stage in the activity zone any time before 2:00 p.m. for your official photo and entry into the contest. 
             Even if your team didn’t come in costume, come to the decorated stage for a team photo (like we said above, we don’t judge). 

3.         TEAM COMPOUND CONTEST.  We will award a prize to the team with the best decorated team compound.  Teams can set up in the designated "Tent
            Cities" to be judged.  See the field map layout for "Tent City" locations. The winning tent will be announced at 2:00 PM. Feel free to walk around and check
            out the team tents!  If you set up tents(canopies), they must be sufficiently weighed down to prevent tents from blowing away.  If the weather conditions
            become too windy, we may require teams to take down tents(canopies), even if they are weighed down. 

4.         TRICK OR TREATING.  Please check in as a team to trick or treat in the activity zone.  Adult supervision required.  Sorry, no siblings.  And, yes, your team
            can only trick or treat once (we know who you are).  Free.

5.         INFLATABLES.  

6.         HALLOWEEN CRAFT ZONE.  Free coloring pages and other crafts for players and siblings.  Free.

7.         DJ   Located on stage in the FUN ZONE, our DJ will be dropping the beats all day long.  Make sure to catch the Monster Mash Candy
           Dance on the 31st minute of each hour starting at 10:31 AM. 

8.         Face/hand painting and temporary tattoos. Free! .

9.       OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT MERCHANDISE.  Officially licensed Kick or Treat long and short sleeve t-shirts, sweat shirts and beanie hats will be available for
          sale at the merchandise tent (much better than the cheap knockoffs sold in the parking lot).  $$

10.       Free games.  We'll have corn-hole and life-size Jenga and Connect 3 games and other games for the kids to play. Free   


The Food


1.         FOOD COURT OPTIONS.  The Food Court will be near the Activity Zone and will feature food trucks and Cherry Hill West snack stand. A portion of all
            Food Court purchases benefits the Cherry Hill West HS Soccer Booster Clubs.

            A.        Cherry Hill West Soccer Boosters (Field house).  Drinks, pizza, pretzels, snacks.

            B.        Food Trucks.


Team Tent Areas/Eating Areas


1.         If you wish to bring a team tent/compound, we request that you set it up in the designated team tent areas so as not to disrupt areas designated for other purposes. Use of charcoal grills and wood burning fire pits are prohibited.

2.         We will have tables, chairs and tents in the food court area for use when eating.  These areas are not for commandeering for an entire day but are meant to be shared by all.

3.         The picnic grove at the American Legion property is not available for tournament use.  Please respect the rights of our neighbors from the American Legion and refrain from trying to stake claim to their picnic grove.


Parking and Traffic Control

1.         We strongly encourage you to carpool.  Parking will be at a premium, so the fewer cars we have to park, the better. 

2.         The large gravel/dirt lot adjacent to the football stadium will be our primary parking facility for fields in that location.  Once that lot fills, you we will allow
             player drop-offs but you will have to park in one of the off-site lots a couple blocks away.

3.         There is additional parking located at the main Cherry Hill West HS building and the Jefferson Medical parking lot next to the Italian American Club on
            Marlboro Ave.  

4.         We will have buses running to and from the tournament field locations throughout the day.  The bus that makes the Chapel Ave Turf Field stop will have
            that clearly marked on the bus.  

5.         Getting between Fields at main site (football stadium) and other game fields.  There is about a 2-block walk between the football stadium and fields set up
            directly behind the main high school building. 
            For games scheduled at the Chapel Ave Turf Field complex,  you can take the shuttle bus from the main parking area or the HS parking lots. 
            The Chapel Ave Turf Complex is approx. 2 blocks away from the front side of the high school on Chapel Ave.  You can either walk or hop on the bus.  
           There is parking at the Chapel Ave Turf Field location.   

6.         A limited number of handicap parking spots will be available in the lots.  Please observe them.

7.         We will send out more parking and traffic details as we get closer.


Miscellaneous Stuff

  • Pets are not allowed, please leave all pets at home. 
  • Smoking is prohibited in any area of the tournament since we are on public school grounds
  • Alcohol is prohibited
  • If you have not mailed in your tournament registration check yet, please do so asap.  If you make us track you down, we will cast a spell on your star striker’s cleats that will last the entire fall season.
  • Port-a-Johns.  Nobody likes them, but everybody needs them.  We will do our best to keep them clean and we ask you to do the same.
  • We want you to have fun, tell your friends, and come back next year.  If we mess something up, let us know using your inside voice.  If we do a good job, let us know and feel free to use your outside voice.
  •  If you have any relatives or friends attending as spectators, please advise them of the tournament rules and parking/traffic info.  
  • Good luck, have fun and Happy Halloween!.
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