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Cherry Hill Soccer Club (CHSC)

About Us

Cherry Hill Soccer Club is one of the fastest growing clubs in Southern New Jersey. We are an open, non-profit, soccer club founded in 1972, based in Cherry Hill, NJ.

The purpose of the club is to:

· Promote high standards of sportsmanship, fair play, responsibility, teamwork and athletic participation and competition in the game of soccer.

· Develop a sound foundation in soccer skills

· Have FUN.

Field Status

Open Open

Turf/Upper Chapel Avenue (08:07 AM | 09/12/20)

Closed Closed

Lower Chapel Avenue (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)

Closed Closed

Carusi Middle School (09:52 AM | 03/16/20)

Closed Closed

Croft Farm  (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)

Closed Closed

Bortons Mill Rd (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)

Closed Closed

West Field  (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)

Closed Closed

Rosa Middle School  (08:07 AM | 09/12/20)

Closed Closed

Municipal Field (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)

Closed Closed

Barlow Field  (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)