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Cherry Hill Soccer Club (CHSC)

2020/2021 CHSC Travel Tryouts


Soon we will post a link to pre-registration for the CHSC 2021/2022 Travel Tryouts. 
The tryout schedule will be posted soon.  We will have two tryouts for each age group. 
Will begin April 2021 

The youngest age this year will be the U8s born in 2014.  The SJ Leagues do not allow younger players on the teams, so players born before 2014 will not be able to tryout.

We will have the tryouts dates for the 2006 and older teams at a later date.   

All players regardless of age should register Travel Registration Link

There is no cost to register for the tryouts and we will have more information regarding the tryouts on our website within the next few days.


Field Status

Open Open

Turf/Upper Chapel Avenue (08:07 AM | 09/12/20)

Closed Closed

Lower Chapel Avenue (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)

Closed Closed

Carusi Middle School (09:52 AM | 03/16/20)

Closed Closed

Croft Farm  (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)

Closed Closed

Bortons Mill Rd (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)

Closed Closed

West Field  (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)

Closed Closed

Rosa Middle School  (08:07 AM | 09/12/20)

Closed Closed

Municipal Field (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)

Closed Closed

Barlow Field  (08:35 PM | 12/02/20)