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Cherry Hill Soccer Club (CHSC)

Board Members

Cherry Hill Soccer Club Officers

  Name Email
President Adam Doyle
Treasurer Aaron Mendoza [email protected]
Recreation Program Directors Tim Kalick [email protected]
Jen Macneal
Tournament DirectorTim Drumm[email protected]
Equipment Director Keith Haring [email protected]
Boys Travel Director Jeff Kehan
Assistant Boys Travel Director Rob Barger [email protected]
Girls Travel Director Joseph DiSalvo
Director of Training Ken DiCicco [email protected]
Registrar Clint Rudnick [email protected]
Fields Director Chris Clemente [email protected]
Sponsorship Coordinator Matt Viola [email protected]
EDP and Cup Game Scheduling Tracy Speas [email protected]
Web Admin/Teamsnap Kelly Gauntt [email protected]

Board Roles and Responsibilities Descriptions:


  • Leadership: Provide strategic direction and leadership for the club.
  • Representation: Represent the club in external meetings and events.
  • Decision Making: Chair board meetings, casting the deciding vote if necessary.
  • Community Engagement: Foster positive relationships with community members and other clubs.
  • Conflict Resolution: Mediate internal conflicts and issues within the club.


  • Financial Management: Manage the club's finances, including budgets, accounts, and financial reports.
  • Transparency: Ensure transparency and accurate record-keeping of all financial transactions.
  • Fundraising: Explore and implement fundraising opportunities to support the club financially.
  • Budgeting: Develop and manage the club's budget, including income and expenditure forecasts.

Recreation Program Director:

  • Program Development: Organize recreational soccer programs for various age groups.
  • Coaching Coordination: Coordinate coaches, training schedules, and practice sessions for recreational teams.
  • Equipment and Scheduling: Coordinate Equipment Purchase / Distribution; arrange scheduling with other towns and teams.

Tournament Director:

  • Tournament Organization: Plan and coordinate club tournaments, including scheduling, logistics, and participant communication.
  • Venue Management: Secure tournament venues, ensuring they meet the required standards.
  • Referee Coordination: Arrange for qualified referees for tournament matches.

Equipment Director:

  • Inventory Management: Manage and distribute soccer equipment, ensuring all teams have necessary gear.
  • Quality Control: Ensure equipment meets safety standards and replace damaged or outdated items.
  • Budgeting: Work closely with the treasurer to budget for necessary equipment purchases.

Boys Travel Director and Girls Travel Director:

  • Team Management: Oversee travel teams, including player selection, coaching assignments, and tournament participation.
  • Parent Communication: Maintain open communication with parents regarding team schedules, events, and expectations.
  • Player Development: Focus on skill development, ensuring travel players are continually improving.

Director of Training:

  • Training Schedule: Coordinate and assign training schedules and times for Coaches and Teams.
  • Paid Trainers : Manage Relationships with all Paid Trainers and Coaches
  • Tryout Coordination: Manage process for Tryouts / Scheduling / Player Evaluation and Selection


  • Player Registration: Manage player registration process, including paperwork and fees.
  • Database Management: Maintain an up-to-date player database, including contact information and medical records.
  • Communication: Liaise between the club and players/parents regarding registration-related matters.

Fields Director:

  • Field Maintenance: Ensure playing fields are properly maintained, safe, and suitable for matches and practices.
  • Safety: Implement safety measures on the fields, including proper signage and equipment.

Sponsorship Coordinator:

  • Partnership Development: Seek and secure sponsorships from local businesses and organizations.
  • Benefits: Develop sponsorship packages outlining the benefits for sponsors.
  • Gratitude: Express gratitude to sponsors and ensure their contributions are recognized within the club.


League and Cup Game Scheduling:

  • Scheduling: Organize league and cup game schedule field availability for all club teams.


Web Admin / Team Snap Access Administrator:

  • Website Management: Maintain and update the club's website with relevant information, news, and schedules.
  • Team Snap: Manage Team Snap accounts, ensuring teams have access to schedules, rosters, and communication tools.
  • Technical Support: Provide technical support to members who need assistance with website or Team Snap usage.

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